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Russell Jeans at Sefton & Associates, of Staffordshire, said: "Backed by an impeccable 20 year pedigree in award-winning journalism, Justine Halifax, founder of Staffordshire-based Angel Media, helps your business maximise its key messages across a multitude of platforms.

“Being an expert in social media, online news outlets, as well an outstanding PR agent and wordsmith, Justine and Angel Media are a must for any business wanting to build their profile and reach."

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Hedley J Adcock, Director at Adcocks Solicitors Limited, of Lichfield, said: Justine has just completed a very successful and well executed PR campaign to celebrate Adcocks Solicitors 110th year in practice. Thanks to her experience, determination, knowledge and contacts in the media industry we feel that this significant milestone has been well honoured. We have been delighted with the feedback we have received and it has allowed us to reconnect with contacts and clients across the region.  We look forward to working closely with Justine again and would highly recommend her to any business looking to strengthen its profile.”

Arctic Explorer Mark Wood, of Stratford, said: “The Race Against Time, North Pole 16 expedition was the first time that I’d worked with Justine at Angel Media and I was impressed with the widespread coverage that she was able to secure in local, regional, national and international media, both in print and online.

“As a former journalist Justine really knows how to capture the attention of the media and readers by pulling out different angles of interest.

“Justine’s PR coverage played an integral part in highlighting, across the globe, the importance of our expedition by maximising every opportunity throughout the PR campaign to highlight it in the media – in the lead up to the expedition, during, and on our return, no opportunity was missed.

“She was extremely professional, with great attention to detail, and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to maximise media coverage of their campaign.”

Fay Shoesmith, Director at Print Circus, of Lichfield, said: “Justine’s mentoring session was so inspiring and unbelievably helpful. I started acting upon her suggestions immediately and I would recommend her services.”

Richard Carty, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Let’s Do Mentoring Programme Lead, and a Director at Netshield, said: I’ve known Justine for 10 years during which time she has worked for me as a PR advisor and copywriter and I can highly recommend her services.

“She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. She has also been a valuable asset as a PR business mentor under the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce mentoring programme.

“Those she has mentored have had nothing but positive feedback. I can highly recommend Angel Media for all PR, media, copywriting and mentoring needs.”

He added: Justine has also delivered a Marketing Workshop for the Chamber which was an extremely insightful and interesting presentation into the world of media and how businesses can navigate it to heighten their brand profile.

“It was professional, accessible and engaging.

“Justine came across as very knowledgeableable and managed to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, but still made it easy to digest for our mentees.

“We received extremely positive feedback from all the delegates who attended with the resounding message being that they really enjoyed it and found it incredibly useful.”


Sallyann Smith, of Roundpeg Outdoor Buildings, of Burton, said: “I certainly could not have raised the profile of our business without Justine at Angel Media.

“She really opened my eyes to what a PR expert can positively do for a company, and how helpful having an expert PR and marketing mentor can be.

“Our first meeting was slightly 'scary' as I had no idea she would go into so much detail regarding our business – she’d checked the website thoroughly, our Facebook presence and our Instagram pages. 

“She advised me what to do next and when to do it - the meeting was extremely helpful and I went away feeling very positive and energised.

“The features she suggested regarding home offices and working from home were an angle I hadn't really considered - it was nice to hear a different angle after being with my previous company for 15 years and never using experts - it was brilliant!

“I thought I knew how to market - clearly I do not, and certain things should be advised by experts such as Justine.

"I would recommend Justine and her company. She remembers her clients continuously and always promotes them."

Jordan Peters, Director of Mortimers Workshop, of Yoxall, said: “I’m incredibly impressed with how accurately you have written about myself and my business, the story that you have put together for me has been incredibly successful - I couldn't have asked for more.

“I have had a number of contacts from the article and would recommend you highly to anyone who would like to boost their business through media coverage. Thank you so much!”

Louise Johnson-Rose (CIPD), Director of UK Surveyors Ltd, of Lichfield, said: It was a pleasure to meet you on zoom yesterday and I’d like to thank you for the time you spent looking at UK Surveyors website and social media platforms. 

“The advice you gave me was excellent and thank you for sharing some of your knowledge and expertise with me, it was invaluable.

“I have already started implementing your suggestions regarding social media and I have already seen increased activity on Instagram & FB - thank you again.”


Ben Brennan, Head of Sixth Form at The Hart School, Rugeley: “Justine has helped our institution to develop engaging and interesting media to share with all of our stakeholders.

“She is incredibly perceptive and able to make judgements that allow us to reach out to a much wider audience. As a result of working with Justine, we have increased our online profile and appearances within the press massively.

“She is a pleasure to work with and understands the specific needs of any organisation.”


Andrew Baud, Director at Tala Communications, said: “I’ve worked closely with Justine, across her roles in journalism and PR consultancy. 

“While she’s undoubtedly an accomplished professional, you always get so much more. There’s an added level of understanding of what the media needs and what clients demand. Justine is the perfect broker in managing the tension in this relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”


Tom Pegden, Business Editor Leicester Mercury and Business Monthly Magazine: “Justine is easy to work with and always comes up with strong features for me as and when required.”

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Julie Peters, co-founder of Staffordshire Country Marketplace and a science teacher: “I can highly recommend Justine.
“She has featured many of my educational achievements at school with the pupils I teach, alongside a personal feature, and many stories, in regard to my newly formed business Country Marketplace.
“She has an amazing talent to pull out all the key features and stories that will draw the public’s attention and focus in on the ‘story features’ that are interesting and engaging.
“Justine follows up any features with diligence and then promotes the feature on her social media to maximize attention and followers. Her communication throughout the process is meticulous and thorough. I would be delighted to have Justine continue to forward my business.”

Promotion of Jupiter's sponsorship of North Pole 16 Expedition, led by explorer Mark Wood, resulted in media coverage in several newspapers, magazines, BBC radio and TV, including BBC Midlands Today.

Jupiter's managing director Mark Tweddle said: "We recruited Angel Media to help us to make the most of our sponsorship of the North Pole 16 expedition, and she most certainly achieved that aim. We were delighted with the coverage she secured." 


“Justine has provided some great write ups and articles about Xodos, and the PR that this has given me has been more valuable than any forms of advertising that I have tried over the last 18 months.

“It has given me the kind of exposure I could never otherwise have had in the local area – people often comment how they have seen me in the papers and a lot of that is completely down to Justine!

“It also made me look at ‘PR’ in a completely different light – it’s vital to any business to give it credibility, believability and sets you ahead of any of the competition. Well worth a go!” – Sally Wagstaff at Xodos Aesthetics.

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“Justine has a fantastic media head on her - she really does know her stuff.

“Her background of 20 years in the media industry has seen her successfully target press releases for different media to secure coverage for my brand in several different high profile media publications, including regional newspapers and magazines.

“And her attention to detail is amazing. She really does have an eagle eye when it comes to proof reading. Her input to the launch of my new Little Devil brand labelling, launch press releases and website creation was invaluable.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Angel for anything from copywriting, proof reading, media advice, blog writing and helping to secure publicity for your brand" - Yvonne Tweddle, managing director of Fruitanize and the Little Devil brand.

“Justine at Angel Media has been providing professional copy for me for a couple of years now. We have developed a great working relationship over this time which is due to her professionalism, speedy turn around times and attention to detail.

“I can always rely on Justine to produce the goods in what always seems to be last minute / urgent jobs. I therefore wouldn’t hesitate recommending her services to anyone, Justine is a professional at her work and competitively priced too,” - Adam Fleetwood, of Wotsit Design Limited.