Marketing Workshop

As an expert in PR and marketing, Angel Media delivers workshops to help businesses navigate the media world, heighten their brand profile and ensure key brand messages are consistent across all platforms.

Workshop content includes:

Is your website on point?

Tips on maximising social media 

PR and business-boosting opportunities

Workshop attendee Russell Jeans, of Sefton Associates, said: "Backed by an impeccable 20 year pedigree in award-winning journalism, Justine Halifax, founder of Staffordshire based Angel Media, helps your business maximise its key messages across a multitude of platforms.

“Being an expert in social media, online news outlets as well an outstanding PR agent and wordsmith, Justine and Angel Media are a must for any business wanting to build their profile and reach."

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Richard Carty, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce’s mentoring programme lead, said: “Justine’s Marketing Workshop was an extremely insightful and interesting presentation into the world of media and how businesses can navigate it to heighten their brand profile.

“It was professional, accessible and engaging. Justine came across as very knowledgeableable and managed to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, but still made it easy to digest for our mentees.

“We received extremely positive feedback from all the delegates who attended with the resounding message being that they really enjoyed it and found it incredibly useful.”